Solutions for the Crane and Lifting Equipment Industries

PLC Control

Handling Control Solutions  Ltd provide bespoke control for hoisting and travelling  operation on cranes and lifting equipment utilising our standard platform the Crouzet Millennium 3 and E4 products (other platforms available if required). Standard and bespoke software to suit specific application requirements. The following features are provided :

  • Smooth operation to travel applications with two speed motors with mechanical brake supervision and/or two phase braking control this provides minimal shock loadings to all mechanical components .
  • Brake and speed supervision on hoisting gear drives to ensure minimal brake wear and shock loadings
  • User friendly condition monitoring with remote access if required
  • Monitoring of tandem operations on cranes and hoists to comply with the requirements of the machinery directive.
  • Automatic and semi automatic positional control systems.

PLC Control

Other application examples outside the lifting equipment industry include temperature and speed monitoring of wood chipping machines in the renewable energy industry.


Outside the lifting equipment